Castello di

All Suite Deluxe Mountain Resort & Thermae ~ Wellness ~ SPA

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Castello di Constantino
All Suite Deluxe Mountain Resort & Thermae ~ Wellness ~ SPA
Agistro Serres


Castello di Constantino is Constantinos' own inspiration
Constantinos is a man with an eye for details, who does what he does with love. He graduated the Higher School of Hotel and Gastronomy Management in Munich, and he has a master's degree in Tourism Leisure Management Development. He has also taken part in several seminars and conferences that makes him one of the most sought after general managers in his country. He also has exquisite knowledge of cooking and wine.


Castello di Constantino, as with all of his creations, will be created with care and love. It will be a 5* all suite hotel, there will be a reception area, coffee shop, restaurant, a byzantine and ottoman style SPA, a library, gym and all the facilities of a hotel of its class.

The architecture will be a replica of a byzantine castle with Macedonian and medieval influences. The architecture is a result of ideas from both Constantinos and his associates, that are born of his love for period architecture.

The philosophy behind the workings of the hotel will be the perfect aesthetics of the period and the friendly and warm services for the visitors. The common areas will be lit by candlelight, to stay in keeping with the feeling of olden times. The food served in the restaurant will be both Constantinos' own and international recipes, and created with only the purest ingredients. It will be influenced by quality music and in general the whole atmosphere will remind you of a different time with different ways...

The SPA will be unique, we will turn back time and take you on a journey where east meets west and west and east merged together in a byzantine SPA, with Roman warmth in an ottoman hammam...let your imagination take you to a place in time where you can taste the ceremonies of the past.

All public areas and rooms will be assessable for the disabled, also the main source of energy for heat and cooling will be geothermal along with solar power, and the building materials will be completely ecological.

Once again we will create another place where we you wont be guests but friends. The hospitable environment together with the service, the architecture and the exquisite taste will make you feel so comfortable that for sure you will trust us again.

There will be so many surprises that you can share with enthusiasm and pleasure with your friends.
Like a time portal, come to escape and leave your senses to take you to a magical world where myths and dreams come true and make your memories and present seem magical, as if they are from a child's fairytale...welcome to Castello di Constantino.

A Few Words About the Area
The Agistro boundaries are a stone's throw away from the Greek ~ Bulgarian border, and the village is known for its thermal springs that that are famous for their healing qualities.The village's is surrounded by hills rich in vegetation and this, in combination with the thermal springs and good food, render it a popular destination for both winter and summer escapes. It's worth mentioning that it's one of the few places in Greece where you can reach the mountains easily by road. despite being surrounded by green hills


Closest town Siderocastro Serres 28km
Closest airport, Thessalonica (SKG) 134km
Closest main line train station, Siderocastro 28km

Closest KTEL bus station, Sidirocastro 28km
Closest bus stop, Agistro
Siderocastro Serres 28km
Serres 50km
Thessalonica 130km
Athens 630km

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