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Our hotel participates in the Clean Hands Program.


Press Release

Chateaux Constantin as part of its environmental policy, and with great joy, announces the start of its participation and support of the ‘Clean Hands’ used soap recycling program.

The non-profit organization ‘Clean Hands’ collects the remaining soap from hotels , recycles and disinfects them and turns them into new soap that can be given to certain social groups such as local welfare grocery stores, schools, care homes for the elderly in Greece and in poor countries outside of Greece.


Costis, the owner of Chateaux Constantin, is particularly dedicated to environmental protection causes and has taken part is numerous campaigns. He has also taken part in several campaigns to assist people in need and those with special needs. Chateaux Constantin, has participated in the Green Key program for several years now, a worldwide program for environmental protection. Costis believes that the protection of the environment is something we should all actively participate in and do something about, not just talk about do something.

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