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Map of Serres Tourist Attractions

Agistro ~ Serres, Northern Greece

Agistro has become the ultimate destination for a visitor seeking a truly relaxing experience. Located in the town centre is the Agistro «Clock Tower», a public Byzantine building that was erected under Andronikos Palaiologos III. The Byzatine Agistro Spa is the oldest working hamman in Greece, dates back to 950 AD and has significant architectural influences from the Ottoman conquerors. Agistro’s five hammam are amongst the oldest in the country.

Agistro Byzantine Hamman

Fort Roupel ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The heroic Fort Roupel is situated a short distance away from Agistro. A visitor can visit the fort, the section that functions as a museum and the SOUND and LIGHT building showing a 20 minute presentation regarding the heroic events of the Greek resistance to the German troops in April ‘41.

Fort Rupel Visit

Lake Kerkini ~ Serres, Northern Greece

Kerkini Lake is one of the largest bio-wetlands in Greece with rare natural beauty every season of the year and an abundance of wild birds including pelicans, wild ducks & herons.

Kerkini Bio Wetland Lake

Sidirokastro Castle ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The Byzantine castle at Sidirokastro, perched on top of Isaris granite rock, is the city’s symbol. It was begun in 527 AD by the emperor Ioustinianos and completed by Andronikos Palaiologos III (1326AD-1341AD).

Sidirokastro Byzantine Castle

Lailias Ski Centre ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The Lailias ski centre is home to one of the most important outdoor activities in the Serres County.

Lailias Ski Center

Lailias Forest ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The Lailias is the greatest forest expanse of the Serres Prefecture, situated on the west side of Vrontous mountain and spans over 33,000.00 acres.

Lailias Mountain Forest

Monastery of St. John the Baptist ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The Monastery of St. John the Baptist Serres was built in 1270 and is a testimont to the beauty of Byzatine art.

St. John Byzantine Monastery

Alistratis Cave ~ Serres, Northern Greece

Alistratis Cave contains huge stalagmites and stalactites in a variety of colours and rare shapes from eccentrics or helictites “defying” the natural laws of gravity and following erratic paths. The vast amount of rare eccentrics in what makes this cave unique amongst others caves in Greece.

Alistrais Show Cave

Aggitis River ~ Serres, Northern Greece

Just a mere breath away from the manmade entrance to Alistratis cave is the Aggitis River gorge, which is the largest tributary of Strymonas delta, and is about 75km in length. The gorge and Aggitis river are idea for river sports.

Aggitis River Sports

Monastery of Panagia Eikosifoinissa ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The Monstery is in a stunning setting at 753m altitude. It is one of two holy places in eastern Macedonia that are still the destination of numerous faith followers who come to pray to the «holy image of Theotokos» and relax in its calming environment.

Monastery of Panagia Eikosifoinissa

Amphipolis ~ Serres, Northern Greece

The city was founded by the Athenians and was an important Hellenic centre during the Macedonian and Roman years. The Amphipolis Lion is one of the most important monuments, not just for Amphipolis but for Macedonia, and is situated next to the west bank of the Strymonas. There is also an Archelogical Museum.

Amphipolia Archelogy

Bansko Ski Resort ~ Bansko, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Number 1 Ski Resort is less than a 2 hour drive away (118 km) from Agistro Town
Bansko also offers world class 18-hole golf courses set amongst prestine lakes and greenery.

Bansko Ski Resort

Casino ~ Southern Bulgaria

In neighbouring Bulgaria there is a casino, just 8 kilometres away.

Bulgarian Casino


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